Bike Safety & Education

Bike Safety

There are many well-known ways of preventing bicycle injuries and, for children specifically, statistics show these measures work.   Over time the number of child bike injuries and deaths have drastically reduced.   But why should we continue to keep bike safety top of mind?     

A study done by Safe Kids Worldwide puts the importance of this into perspective.  This Fast Facts covers the latest data available (2019) relating to fatal and nonfatal bicycling injuries among children ages 0 to 19 years.   Released 1-13-2022.   For more safety tips please visit

Bike Education

The local community, businesses and law enforcement understand and recognize the important of bike safety education.  With busy streets, lack of riding paths or sidewalks, and distracting driving, more than ever teaching and enabling safe bicycle riding is growing more and more important. 

The Kent County Sheriff's Office wanted to do their part in protecting our young riders.   They put together a highly valuable video that teaches kids and adults how to be safe when they ride.  Check it out below!

Virtual Bike Rodeo

Kent County Sheriff's Office Bike Rodeo